My Dragon Companions

I tend to talk a lot about the deities I work with, which gives a false view of my real path. On a daily basis I work with Anpu, as he is my patron. He helps me with figuring out my path and accepting a deeper part of myself that I have long forgotten. Though working with him is only a tiny chip of what I really do in my spirituality and life. There is a lot I do not blog about, because it is personal to me. Also, because I am still understanding and learning what I am doing.

I have been having the urge lately to talk about a couple other beings I work with. The last blog I posted about was about my animal companion, Samuel. Samuel is very close to me , but he is not the only one. The beings I would like to talk about in this blog are my two Dragon Companions, Celestial (a.k.a Celest) and Tyr’ Nyx.

I have been seeing a lot of posts lately  about dragons appearing as well as people wanting to work with them. I know from personal experience that dragons do not just appear to anyone. They are very careful about who they work with and appear to, like most “mythical” creatures. Why they did such a thing is up for you and them to decided. Now, I am by no means the only person who works with them. There are people on and off here that have worked with Dragons longer than I have. I am by no means the keeper of all things knowledge about dragons.  There are tons of different categories of dragon species and I have only been blessed to work with a few of them. On that note, I would like to discuss the two dragons I have been so humbled to work with.

The first one is Celestial. I have worked with her in this life for about 4 to almost 5 years. I know the species of dragon she is derived from is that of a Wyvern.

wyvern /ˈwaɪvərn/, sometimes spelled wivern, is a legendary winged creature with a dragon‘s head, which may be said to breathe fire or possess a venomous bite, a reptilian body, two legs (sometimes none), and a barbed tail. (taken from Wikipedia, which I know is not a valid source of information. but it does have the correct definition of them.)

I say derived because her lineage of Wyvern has four legs. The front two actually being wings, which they can use to also help them walk and scale mountain sides. She is almost black as night and her size being big enough for a being to use her as a sky-mount (which I have on a few occasion. It is quite fun to have a dragon take you on a night ride). Though as a metaphysical being she is not limited to keeping herself that large size. She has been known to shrink her sizs and lay about my shoulders, normally kicking one of the other spirits I work with off it. I have never known her to be grouchy or upset… until recently. Certain events have caused my little dragon to be depressed and angered.  She is a rather young dragon compared to Tyr’ Nyx I’ll get to his age in a later paragraph. Celest is only around 5,500 years old, which is older that a lot of the new dragons around… but still quite young considering a lot have been around over 20 some odd thousands of years.

There is one rather unique trait about Celest that is not common in a lot of metaphysical beings. She is very adapt in moving throughout time and space. While I could go with her, I feel it is not my place to go. I do not meddle with time because I have learned that everything has its place. I am stronger because of the bad things that have happened to me, and how I grew from them. Changing those events may alter where I am now… and I like where I am. I always have. Its the lesson she has taught me in this life. While I have the option of going back to change, I just will never do it. Not every being has a time/space element. It is rare because not everyone can handle such an element. While time is relative… It is my belief that certain events in this reality are forever locked so no one can visit and change. That only a time element can visit because they are outside those laws that have been set. If this element goes back and drastically changes it, then they are banned. For it has forever altered time and created a new reality that may or may not have needed to exist. This is however my belief and who ever reads this does not have to accept that.

The next dragon companion I work with is Tyr’ Nyx. I have not worked with him nearly as long as Celest. I am still trying to understand him. I know him to be extremely serious and a bit moody. He does not stand for shit and will call any out on it, especially if it has to do with his brethren. This massive dragon is a protector of his kind and Mother’s Nature. I have no article or website to link to as to what kind of dragon. The closest thing I am able to find that resembles him is the DnD Magma/Black Dragon. His scales look like they were made from the earth, but are blackened and hardened by the fires that reside in him. The horns a top his head are in two sets. The are massive and make him very intimidating, which belies his kind heart for all life. To be able to handle the massive wings he has means his size is rather large. The only comparable size I can think of is that of a mountain. Though most times he appears half the size and never any smaller. I know from the past he is much, much larger. One of the reasons I can not find too much information on his type of dragon species is because he is as old as time itself. I have come to know that he is one of the first dragons created. That does not mean he was the only dragon created at that time, but that he was there when his kind was just beginning life. He does not speak to me about that time. That is not the lesson I am learning from him, nor is it something I need to know. What I am learning form his is the intricate balance his kind has with the metaphysical and the physical nature. It is interesting to see how our actions on the astral and different planes of existence transpire into this physical realm. He has shown me how much his kind and other “mythical” creatures play a role in keeping mother’s nature balanced in the metaphysical. Any time their work is disrupted things tend to make their way into the physical plane in not so pleasant ways. That does not mean we can not work with them. Not only do we have much to learn from them… they have much to learn from us. This again is something I believe, and you reader do not have to.

I do a lot of work with my dragon companions. It is not just magick dealings, but much more than that. It is a friendship. I find each moment with them precious for they are truly amazing beings. Dragons are not rainbows and sunshines. I know and accept that. Not ever dragon I have come by is nice to me, most have a neutral nature. They can be vicious; however, and brutal. Though any species has that capability. Do not take me in thinking them in a fluffy nature… I never do with most of the beings I work with. I accept all their sides and try to understand them. That is why it makes our friendship all the stronger.

I got really long winded on this one. I apologize. There are things I have left out about them as they are personal. They let me know what I could and could not write about… for they have lives and friends outside dealings with me and too much information can harm them. I do want to leave it open that if there is any questions about them and my work with them please ask. I will try to answer them the best I can.


Past Life Musings

There is going to be a slight delay on the next part of my Arrilia past life blog. I need to talk a few things over with Stephanie before I do. Though hopefully I can get it up here soon. In the meantime I have a few blog posts I can write up. One of them elaborating on a post I made on my Tumblr today.  This post was a musing about past lives and why my best friend and I talk about it so frequently.

I believe in reincarnation for a variety of reasons, but the biggest one is that there are so many lessons to learn in life that one lifetime is not enough. There is no solid proof of reincarnation, except through personal experiences of different individuals. My best friend and I have had similar experiences. We even had an old group of friends with that had similar ones as well. We would reminisce about these memories of by gone days and what not. Though at that time it seemed mostly good times we talked about. If there was something bad… it was mentioned once and then swept under the rug. In a few cases those bad experiences were said over and over again, not to learn from them and acknowledge that they happen like one should… but to use as a “woe is me” or “I am the victim, pity this life”.

It always bothered me that both of these situations happened. I know I was not a saint in any of my lifetimes. I have done some bad things that sometimes I am not proud of; however, I take full responsibility for. I have even had some rotten things done to me.  Example was the life I was a Roman sex slave. My family was killed and my baby sister ripped from my arms to be sold into a similar situation. I do not know how many times I was beaten… how many times I tried running away but never could… I don’t know how many times I found myself used and violated…. I lost count in that life. Though I never, ever asked for pity from anyone. There was a reason I went through all of that. There was a reason I was subjected to my free will being taken away. I know that reason and I’ll share it when I get to that past life blog. The point is…. I would never change any of my lives. The choices and consequences of every action make me who I am.

Stephanie and I no longer hang out with some of these friends for other reasons. Now that we don’t have to be careful, we freely talk about the lives we know of…. or the possible ones we could have. I do not mind if she bluntly tells me that I did a bad thing in such and such life. The helps me learn and accept myself as a whole.

We do not talk about these lives for the fact we want to relive them. We talk about it so we can learn from them. There are a ton of lessons in each life that can help us in the here and now. We just have to talk them out or write them down to find them. We find that we learn and surprise ourselves with what we come up with, when we talk to one another. What are Anam Cara (soul friend) Soul Mates for? We have known each other for so long its become second nature to talk so bluntly to one another. But I stray… We know we have lived these lives. There is no going back. There is no changing them. We can only use what we know to change our current path.

So if you plan on delving into past lives know that it is a lesson in and of itself. That when you go looking into your lives there are going to be good and bad moments. And in order to understand ourselves we need to take it all in. We can not just filter out what we do not like. That changes our perception of what really happened in that life. What’s done is done. It can not be changed because you think it has by ignoring it. If you find yourself getting obsessed with the lives, wanting to relive them, not concentrating on the here and now… Stop! This is not for you, right now. Learning about past lives can be intense. It is not for everyone. I know people who believe in past lives but do not even want to know anything about there own. They function just fine. I have also seen people who have drowned themselves in their own pasts. That they forget everything in the present. Remember….

We are beings in the present learning about our past to better our future.

My Story – Arrilia [Part 1]

Another Place in Pangea
Just after Faulknyr

I was born into a world that was being ravaged by both plagues and demons. Life expectancy was not long unless you knew how to conceal yourself. I suppose maybe thats what happened to my father in this lifetime. At least its a possibility that I found comfortable. My birth took place in a little mini-elven clan with my human father no where in sight.  It was easier to think my father had been killed by one of the many evils out there in the Kingdom of Man. My mother never spoke ill of him, when she did have the chance to speak of that man. Though she never did tell me what became of him. I would likely never find out.

My mother was one of the herbalist for our elven clan. From a young age she taught about the many plants and herbal remedies. When I became of the right age, I began to learn different abilities by different teachers in the clan. My favorite lesson was of the bow and survival. As I grew up I spent more and more time in the wilds than in the gardens with my mother. My elven teenage years were spent with the hunting group. I meet my first friend there as well as my first crush. Nothing came of my crush, because during that time I was too shy to actually do anything about it.

The world’s chaos and turmoil had seemed to pass by my community’s paradise as if it was blind to them. I wish demons were blind. Okay some are, but that is not the point. It was more to the fact we all were exceptionally good at hiding, rather than their eye state. With such a small stature it was easy for up to build a community up within the trees away from everything. Though not everything was meant to last forever.

I was growing more out of my teen years when the talk of full scale war was beginning to be whispered through our village. The elders were not ignorant to what was going on. They kept a watchful eye on it, and kept everyone within the clan updated. They knew that one day the war would come to us, so we had to prepare for that day. War against a legion of wolves equipping man against the evil forces of demons more specifically. Not only their side growing but the demon side as well. Talk of races of mankind being converted to the evil side, because they were going to win. As the war grew more intense so did a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. Something was going to happen to our little coven and soon.

Then one night, our village was attacked by a group of demons. Luckily we had prepared, but it was not enough it seemed. The night attack and their attack came as a swift surprise. I wish sometimes that this part of the story had a better ending. The demons destroyed everything they could. The war had reached our village and it shredded it mercilessly.

Only a few of us made it out alive, with the help of our elder clan members. Though it would not be until much later that I would cross paths with any of them, to know exactly whom made it out alive. All I remember is my mother running towards me as I finished shooting an arrow through a tinier demon. She handed me my survival kit. I stared back at her blankly, refusing what she was asking of me at that point. Yet she pushed me away from the action, saying I needed to survive for my clan. I still refused, being my stubborn self. She clasped my hands placing an item within them. She told me to do this for her. To live and fight them another day for her. I looked at her golden leaf necklace within my hands and shed a tear. At that moment I could no longer refuse.

I am not proud of what I did. Even as I know it was shameful and cowardly, I did as she asked and ran away. At the time I regretted my decision, but later… much, much later I did not regret that moment. If that moment had gone any other way it would not have lead to where I was meant to go.

As I ran I never did turn my back. I knew my mom died in that battle as many did, but it was not in vein. Some of us younger ones made it out to live another day. From that point on I was on my own to survive. I used the knowledge my clan had given me to survive as long as I could.

As I traveled through the Kingdom of Man, I decided to see it as I had always wanted too. It was hard to move about as most of the land was either infected with the plague or demons. During my time alone I kept hearing that the war was turning. That a part of this army dedicated to Man, was helping turn the tide. It was lead by a woman known as Mother Superior. That more were seeking help from them to gain the power to defend themselves against the demons. I tried to stay away from this Army as I wanted to avoid the war as much as possible. I grew and learned how to survive on my own over the years, but I should have known that I could not avoid anything for too long. It was not until I ran into a little Pixie girl dressed in all red that I would learn of this fully.

To Be Continued…

My Spiritual History & Information on a very Bossy Deity

While I am working on my next past life blog, I would like to write another one pertaining to my spiritual history (I guess?). I /was/ going to do it on my spirit guides, patron deities, angels, and such but was told by a very bossy deityAnubis to do otherwise (why I still follow him I’ll never know JK).

I have always questioned religion since I was young (at least when I was able to question). I remember sitting in church with my parents and questioning everything said by the preacher. Not because I disliked the religion my parents baptized me into, which was Methodist, but because I was curious. At one point I stopped going to church because I found it hypocritical that even though they preached not to judge people, they turned around and judged anyways… at least the church I went to (That was one of the bigger reasons but certainly not the only one).

I never stopped believing there was a God, just my view started to change. Through high school and the beginning years of college I began to search for that “Higher Power”. What was really up there?, I always asked myself. Some interesting events in college happened to my close friend and began to open my eyes to that truth for me.

After four years of college I began to look at various religion, as most student begin to do. Trying to find themselves and what is “true”. I never really found a religion that would fit my beliefs in what I have seen and understood. I believe every religion is right in its own aspects and right for certain people…. just none I found at that point fit me.

So when my friend began to look into Paganism, I followed too. I soon got sidetracked by Shamanism. It was a calling I suppose, or at least I know I have quite a few past lives with a similar calling…. It gave me a sense of comfort and strength I had not found elsewhere. I use a lot of aspects of it in my life, but yet again I did not quite fit into it. I do consider myself more of a spiritualist, I suppose. If I were to end up labeling myself now a days. Though my beliefs change and grow with what I learn over time.

When I do end up working with other beings in my life…. I work with not only my guardian angels and the archangels…. but my power animals (sometimes referred to as totem animals)… and even a variety of deities. Each of them has their own merits in helping me along my soul’s growth path. Not only do I consider each one a friend and an ally but we are both teachers to each other.
(Jokes on Anubis I’m going to end up making this about him. He did not say when I had to post the next blog on him. He should know me well enough that I would do this in the end. :T )

As I have stated in another blog that he is more of my patron deity than any of the other gods & goddesses who have made an appearance in my life. I wanted to sort of dedicate my first blog on my metaphysical friends and allies to him. Its my way of thanking him for all the help and direction he has given me in my life.

First Appearance
Anubis has helped me through various parts of my life, even if I never recognized it was him. Though the first time he actually showed himself to me was when I had started my journey into understanding my shadow self. I remember it was my second time mediating to meet a god (The first god I met was actually from a different pantheon, Quetzalcoatl). I had opened my door to my “bliss” area, where I start off before I go to meet others. It helps me protect, collect, and calm myself. At this point my area had transformed itself into a Temple of Bast. So there were plenty of cats lounging about and my attention was on them. I was smiling and crouching down to pet one that had sauntered up to me, when a strange energy in the air caught my attention. I snapped my head up and I immediately frowned. There at the back of the temple, where Bast’s seat was, was some man. The man was sitting upright and confident like he owned it. That rose my hackles as I yelled out at him, “What do you think your doing in that seat?”

He shrugged nonchalantly, “Just waiting for you, little one.” I saw a ghost of a smile quickly goes over his features, but soon disappears with no trace. (A lot of gods tend to say they have been waiting for me. I am stubborn and take my time in going to meet them)

The “little one” comment bristled me. Others have called me this, but for some reason it irked me that this man said it. So as I stomped his way, I hollered, “What did you call me?!”

After I made it up there we sort of of threw comments back and forth for a bit, before I actually found out who he was. He still calls me little one to this day and for some reason I let him… probably cause I have my names for him. Ever since that meeting we have worked a lot together.

Spiritual Work
Anubis helped me heavily in my shadow work. I have since healed and embraced that part of myself. Every so often I do some shadow work with Anubis to help me keep continuing to understanding that part. He has also helped me in divination matters such as tarot. When I use it he tends to show up and guides me into understanding why a certain card showed up in that place.

Even when others have done readings on me he has a tendency to show up. I remember this one reading I got at the beginning of the summer. The reader was using The Anubis Oracle deck. We talked about the deck as I shuffled, putting my question and energy into it. I mentioned how before I even knew about the deck, Anubis showed it to me in a dream saying that I needed to buy them. She laughed as I handed the deck back to her so she could place them. The first card she laid down was the Anubis Key Card. If anyone knows the deck it is the significator for it. You can lay it down separate from the deck if you want to have Anubis guide you in the reading OR use it in the reading so it can help you point towards a way. Of course when she pulled it I muttered “cheeky god”. She laughed and from there we chatted and discussed the rest of the reading.

I know from that experience he is always there in whatever I decide to do. I may seek guidance from others but he is always someone who I will come back to. Someone who has become a very close friend and ally.

I can not forget to mention that he also helped me accept a part of myself that I had long thought useless. I am not speaking of my shadow self. It’s a much deeper part of myself that I needed to get in touch with. In accepting that part I feel I have reconnected with every part of my soul. I know I still have a long way to go to “enlightened” but I owe a lot to Anubis in helping me further my soul’s growth.

Basic Information
This a bit of information about Anubis in how I view him. It is not the only view, nor is it the only correct view. Someone may see him differently, because that is what is comfortable for them. I am not his only follower and friend. He has chosen a wide group and each of us see him in our own special way. This is just the way that is most comfortable for me.

First off I call Anubis by various names. Just like he calls me various names, not just “little one” though that tends to be his favorite. Any time I talk about him to someone else I refer to him as Anubis. When he is in his teacher mode I end up calling him Anpu. Most of the time I will call him Anu or A (which is a play on the fact that my best friend and I refer to Bast as B). In more playful moods I have said “my jackal”, which is occasionally. I do not claim him as mine when I say that. It is in a friendly jest as he calls me something else which is more personal.

Anubis has always appeared in “human” form. I see him as a tall olive skinned man of Egyptian heritage (of course). His hair dark brown almost black and is shoulder length, tied back in a half ponytail (I have seen it down totally and tied back in a full ponytail, but this most common). His eyes are a warm brown that seem to shimmer when he is in a playful or devious mood. I have seen them turn dark golden brown when he is angry or serious in manner. Normally I have seen him dressed in casual modern ware. It’s very trimmed and proper, but appears casual on him. In cases where we travel to meet other gods he dons the traditional egyptian garb and also is in his anthropomorphic state (a jackal-headed man). He has been in jackal form but it is rare.

His personality seems very light when he is around me. He jokes and tries to get a rise out of me. Though when he is in his “teacher” mode he becomes very serious. He is never overly stern with me, but in his serious mood we tend to bicker the most. I am stubborn and it makes it a bit harder for him to teach me sometimes (Okay correction he says “all the time” ). Though he is very calm and collected and it seems to take a lot to anger him. Even when we bicker I can tell he is not mad at me. I know I have to banter with someone a bit before I can actually accept something for what it is. Its my way of getting over my stubbornness. I have only seen him get angry once or twice. I know on those occasions it was because he was protecting me. It was not because I was afraid of what was happening but because he feared for my safety. To make a slight correction he really isn’t too bossy. He does tell me sometimes to do things and I have the choice whether to listen to him or not.

Last Note
If you would like to know Anubis’ role in Ancient Egyptian culture as well as what he stands for you can look him up. He is a well known Egyptian Deity and his information is easy to gather up.

My Story – Faulknyr

Somewhere in Pangea
Just after the Fall of Man

I lay here on my death bed of sorts, letting my life flash before my eyes. For this being the first lifetime it was not easy in the least. There was a lot of pain and suffering, and not all being placed on me, but I still would not change one bit of it. Everything that happened, needed to and as such I got to experience bits of happiness and joy that I would not trade for anything. Not even a cure to this sickness that plagues me. Maybe to understand I should start from the very beginning.

The first death that happened to me was my mother giving birth to me. In this time there is not medical advances. The ones with enough knowledge were the healers of the elven clans. My mother was full mini-elf, but she forsake her clan to live with my father in the village he led. My mother and father had a happy life together. The humans seemed to accept her relatively enough, from information I had gained later on. I say that because when I was five years of age my father was murdered. I vaguely remember a woman waking me up and having me leave the village in secret. The woman took me to the near by elven clan which happened to be my mom’s old clan. They accepted me with open arms.

I was lucky enough that the leader himself took me in. There was not biological  relation between them and me. I think my mother’s parents had passed on just before I came to the clan. The leader and his wife could not conceive children, so they adopted me as their own. As my new father taught me: We are all children of the Creator, thus we are all family. So one must treat each other equally and fairly like they were family.

My new father and mother taught me even more. Not only the essentials in surviving, but about life in general. Also teaching me about the gift the Creator bestowed upon me. We all have gifts that the Creator has placed in each of our souls that we can innately use. Mine being that of just purely knowing. So that meant I became aware of a lot at a young age. Which you can imagine was a hard thing to accept, but that is what they helped me with… to accept and control it. I guess being who I was before this lifetime granted me this gift. Though at times I did call it a curse, especially the moments like now. Where I knew I would be lying on this deathbed, dying of the plague running around destroying lives. Though I digress a bit… Not only did these new parents teach me a lot, but so did the village. I guess I became a child of the village and they each were a parent to me.

When certain conditions are met by a certain age, an elven child will go on a journey. A journey to find himself and his own path to the Creator. At least this is what happened in our clan. It usually happens at the bringing of springtime. In this journey, some elven children will come back while others will find their calling outside the clan. It is on this journey that my mother had found my father and stayed with him. It was not that she did not like her clan but that she found her true calling with my father. On my journey there were five of us. We all stayed together for a time until certain paths lead us a stray. A childhood friend and I stayed together for a rather long period of time. He was my first crush and love, you could say. His name was Elias and we had known each other since I had joined the clan.  During our journey together our friendship is when it turned into something more. We knew our calling was to be found with each other. So we traveled the lands, enjoying what it had to offer.

We had heard about a nearby nymph group. We had been taught about them in our clan, but never actually met one personally. Elias wanted to meet them and I thought it would be fun as well. We found them, but we also found something else. It was a pack of demons destroying them. Stories of these creatures had started to pop up, but it seemed just that. Stories. Though face to face with one, there was no denying they were real. Elias and I tried to save whom we could, but it was too late. It was during the battle that one went for me. I was working on saving a nymph girl and like a flash Elias saved us both. With a move like that there is always a cost. That cost was his life. I felt in that moment I had failed my journey and not only that but him. After the tousle was over with I laid him to rest with an elven departing ritual.

At that point I could have gone back to my elven clan. Though I felt like it was no longer a place I could call home. I had to find my own way in life, knowing that is what Elias would want. I wondered the Kingdom of Man searching. At that point I became cold…  unfeeling. I shed a lot of demon blood, as much as I could find. I do not know if it was for Elias having passed by one or my own sick twisted need to find a purpose… all I know is demon blood heavily stained my hands.

I happened upon a human village years later, which so happened to my fathers. It turned out my father’s brother took over being leader (Though it was not until months there I had found this out. As their village had moved because of a raid and take over from a neighboring village. Anyone who did not want to follow the new leadership left). At night I found a group of human males who would go out into a special place in the woods. There they had built a place to fight each other. To see who was the top dog, as it were. At first I was just a spectator. Then as time went on I found myself being dragged into it. I fought each human with the same calculating cold manner that I did a demon, though I kept myself from killing these beings. They did not deserve that fate, or at least I felt it was not my right to do as such. It was in these fights that I first caught a glimpse of him. His name was Adam. It had been a long time since another man had caught my attention, and he sure did. It would not be until a few fights later that we would actually converse.

During one of our conversations I found out why he was here. Adam was just passing through, but decided to stay in the village for a little longer than he usually did. It was not for any other reason except for that he felt like it. The reason he was passing through the village, and why he never stayed to long in one, was because of a pain in which I could easily sympathize with. We shared something in common, even if we never talked about it until later on. We built our friendship around the fights. I taught him my techniques and a bit about my heritage. He taught me about the world he had seen through his eyes. It was intriguing to learn from him the way I did. It opened up my heart and eyes again.

It was as if Adam had opened my eyes for the very first time. I knew then what my path was again. At some point, I also realized the demons were headed towards this village, my father’s old village. I tried to make my uncle, though he did not know we were related, realize they needed to move. He would not see to reason, and so I had to take things into my own hands. I hunted the demons with Adam and the men I could gather who would join me. We killed them all and when I got back to the village my uncle was furious. Furious that I would defy him, an elf outsider. His anger drove me to yell words back at him. Words that drove us to fight each other physically. It was a challenge to see whom was more fit to lead the village. It was not like I wanted to be the leader. Something just drove me to fight him. It is not one of my shining moments, but what is done is done. In the end I won. My skills and cunning outweighed his. Instead of staying and leading the village I gave it to someone who was more capable than both me or my uncle. So laying the village in this person’s secure hands I moved on with Adam.

Adam and I traveled a lot, through the now demon infested lands. Our friendship grew and developed into something more. Something I knew and hoped it would grow to…. love. Loving someone else and being loved was what I was meant to find again. Though after several years the plague I knew I had contracted at some point in our journey started to make an appearance. Because of my elven blood it had been slowed down, but now it was starting to ravage my system. Not only was the plague upon me, but we were also being hunted. I wish it were demons or some lesser foe, but we found out differently. It was someone that was more experienced in more filthier demonic tactics… someone who also had a bad connection to Adam’s past. There was a rumor in the air of a filthy plan she had for Adam and myself.

We did the only thing that we could do at that point… run and hide. Some would call it cowardly, but it was the smart thing to do. I have not regrets of what we did, because it lead to a solution to the problem. In a village we had found refuge in there was talk about vampyres and wolves. It was interesting talk and the word vampyre had caught my attention the most. The more information I found out about them the more it seemed they were the solution to our little problem. It was then we began our hunt for these elusive vampyres.

It was within the shadows of the darkest forest, along side a mountain that we came across a small scouting party for their main coven. Some how our mission had found its way to the ears of their leader, and they had been on watch for us. I did not question how they found out about that, but was just glad that we had found out safe haven. Though before I could rest fully their leader and I talked of what was to happen, and why it was necessary. The conversation and its details are for our ears only, all you need to know is that it was accepted after a long talk. With the acceptance of the leader, tension and worry left my body. Now I knew I could let the plague take me. Adam thought that being there maybe they could save me from this plague too. I knew it was my time. My soul needed to move on to the next life, it was needed in a different way. So this is where the story of this lifetime comes full circle. I leave Adam in the capable hands of the vampyre coven, knowing that in a lifetime after this we would meet again.

Next lifetime to be continued…
Twin Blog Post

My Story – Prologue

Kingdom of God
All Time

Time is relative, which means it exists all at once: past, present, and future. As physical beings we try and understand it in a linear fashion, because it is easy to do so. Though to begin this tale of lifetimes it must be placed in a place where it is only possible to see it all at once. It exists both in and out of time.

Each soul’s beginning starts from this place. Whatever anyone’s belief dictates it to be; God, Goddess, The Creator, I AM, Divine, and so…. it just is what it is. Divine energy in its all. However, It is not where the souls grow and become an individual. This is the place of creation and at some chaotic points destruction. Everyone begins here and as such this soul’s energy did as well. Before creation could take a giant leap, the energy in this pool was massive. As stated before it exists in a place it sees all, so it knows how stubborn man will be. That we shall call it by many different names. That because there is no way to comprehend it in its entirety at times in history, it will need to create facets of itself. You can call these facets what you want too: gods, goddesses, avatars, demi-gods, devas, etc. It is all the same. They are the faces of the pagan religions across the kingdom of man.

These beings are pure divine energy with a consciousness. They appear how we would feel most comfortable in seeing them, just as any other pure energy being. The beings live in this realm with the creator and see what and who they are. Soon after creation they take on their intended attributes and understand the stories man will create for them. They create their own realms that fit the stories for when man’s soul makes the transition after his body expires.

These beings see what it is like for man to live, but never truly experiencing it in full. Some moments they could make an appearance briefly or be channelled by man. Yet they were still divine energy with no soul of their own. Quite a few wanted to understand what it was like to live with a soul. Learn and grow along side man…. become mortal.

Knowing the will of its creations, it let the beings do as they willed. The ones who wanted it most placed themselves where they found most beneficial in time. Their energies were wrapped in a soul that would help them learn the most. Though part of themselves stayed separate up in that Divine Energy place, a higher self.

One of these beings that decided to take this path went by the name Bast. Her attributes that she represents are many, just like any of the beings. Most notably she is an aspect of the feminine energy within the divine. She represents joy and divine love. In some cases she is an aspect of a protector of the home from enemies, metaphysical or physical. It  was children and family in which she sought to protect. They were her kittens and she would protect them viciously, just like her sisters Hathor and Sekhmet… though each to their own degrees. Bast is most attributed to being the aspect of feminine pleasure and beauty, that includes the object of perfumes.

With her creation she is known to take on the guise of a black cat, a beautiful woman, or the body of a beautiful woman with the head of a cat. It was what man would understand her most in. It was just that… what man wanted her to be. She had the urge to be something that was of her own design. To love and teach man from a different form of herself, but one of her own design. Life as a soul would be how she wanted to make it, even if as she lived more and more lives the soul would not recognize its originally energy point.

There was another reason some of these beings and most specifically Bast decided to join man on the path of learning. They may be all Divine Energy and seem bigger than life, but every man was from the same source. They are all divine energy just do not realize it… yet. They were not bigger than the soul next to them. It was man that put them on a pedestal to help them understand The Creator in its all.

So Bast and others fell into a place in time. Her energy being wrapped into a tiny new soul. One that would fit her energy’s best course of learning and teaching. Though she did pick the first place and its path for the first life.

To Be Continued

Side Note: I started a twin blog on my take on these past lives. It is mostly about my understanding of them and who I came to learn about them.

My Story – Forward

(Sidenote: I have decided to go a bit different direction with this blog. It is not entirely different as I still want to reveal truths that have been hidden. It is just a different way that I planned.)

This all started out as a little journal I was going to keep to myself. A written dialogue to organize the times that have been for me. As I was planning it out and writing some of the entries I began to realize I could make this into a personal book for myself. I thought maybe keeping this to myself may not be the way to go. In these stories about myself there is the truth about what has happened. Truths some people may identify with and connect to.

Reincarnation is something that has always intrigued me. Its not the idea of living multiple times, but knowing that one life has too much to offer to experience it once. There are so many lessons our soul needs to learn that you would need to live multiple lives and go through many cultures and times to become enlightened. It was an on and off again research topic. Basically when I got the urge I would read up on the possibility or by a book here and there. It was never something serious but always one of the many subjects that interested me.

It was not until Stephanie’s senior year in college that I began to experience and gain more valid knowledge about the possibility. It was in these past lives I started to understand myself the most. I will state now I do not live in my past. I go over it, understand it, and accept that about myself… the good and bad I have done. Understanding and accepting my past makes me understand my lessons and just live whole heartedly in the present.

Learning about one’s past is not for everyone. I do not suggest learning about your past lives unless you are truly ready. I have known a few who only live in the past and want to keep falling into its traps. I also know some who learn about their pasts that accept the good but do not want to accept the bad. In order to fully understand and embrace ourself you have to be willing to accept everything. When you know you want to fully accept yourself. That you only want to learn about the past in order understand yourself in the present. We are beings living in the here and now, not the past.

These chapters, and next blogs, are not about how to learn about your past lives. They are about my past (and those whom I have lived those lives with). I am sharing these because there are histories in them that have been forgotten and not written down. I believe it time that these true histories come to light. Some names have been changed to protect their currents, while others have not because I have been given express permission to use them.  Titles of people have not been changed as well as they have a profound meaning not only to the stories told but if anyone else has lived during them. Others will recognize them and might remember they were a part of that time.

Just to clarify on how I know about these lives I have lived. The first life, the first chapter not prologue, was told to me. Just the name and a basic story of what was going on in that time period. Everything else in the life as well as others are mostly recalled memories. By recalled I mean I recalled these memories just like a present life memory. There was a scent, sound, touch, etc that triggered a instant play of it. I see these memories as if they were the other day. The memories are just as prominent as when I remember say when I was baking christmas cookies with the family when I was 6. That was nineteen years ago. Now I did not instantly just accept them as they were. I questioned and tried to validate them myself. Once validate through either research or from a person whom at similar memories, that had never been told them.

To say everyone’s memories come in this style is not true. Everyone is different. I have a good friend that gets her memories through dreams rather than triggers. So if you want to dive into past life recall, please read up about it and find the technique that works right for you. There are plenty of good books out there on reincarnation in general.

If anyone has similar experiences or remembers a past life where they have run into me, please email me at . I would love to hear about it. It help validate not only my story but yours as well.

Yours Truly,

(I also want to apologize about the multitude of chapters. I have lived a lot of lives over a very big time period. I am on my 116th lifetime. I will not be covering all of them, since a lot of those lifetimes I spent as a cat. Though there are plenty enough lifetimes in which I know of and want to cover, so I just want to apologize to everyone about that.)